by Tiffany on June 24th, 2014


How long will my Lavish Tan last?
Your Lavish Tan will last anywhere from 7-12 days, on average.  The amount of physical activity, after care, and proper preparation for the tan are all factors of how many days one can expect their tan to last.

Will I look orange?
Never.  Lavish Tan created a patent pending, brown sugar based solution derived from apples.  The brown sugar based ensures a golden brown color eliminating all possiblities of an orange tone.  Most of all other solutions on the market contain beat or carrot fermented extracts, which is where the orange tones and unpleasant scent stem from.  Lavish Tan guarantees the highest quality, golden brown results.

What if I have very fair skin?
Lavish Tan Signature Solution will react naturally with each specific skin tone.  Very fair complexed individuals may require a follow up session 12-24 hours later.

Can pregnant women use Lavish Tan solution?
We always recommend that pregnant women consult with their doctor before using Lavish Tan, however, over the past 8 years Lavish Tan has never had a doctor advise against using the Lavish Tan solution.


by Tiffany on July 10th, 2013

We have been talking recently about how much we LOVE makeup! Well, in all honesty, for those of you that know me makeup is not totally my thing:) Though I do love what EMANI does for my skin and how great it looks on our clients.

So I asked Shelley, one of my resident makeup experts, to give me a run down on what her favorite things are about EMANI. Here is what she said:)

I'll go in order of use...Perfect 10 Primer Serum. Have you used primer? Not only does it feel like silk on your skin but it offers some great benefits. Primer is the perfect start to your makeup routine. It helps your foundation go on smoothly, it keeps your foundation from oxidizing (you know that weird color your foundation sometimes turns after a long days wear) and it helps your foundation go farther. It ROCKS!!!

There are 3 different foundations so everyone's needs are met. The first is our EMANI Flawless Matte Foundation. It's a pressed powder that  gives you flawless HD coverage so you look great from dressing table to runway:) With dual application, you can get a more natural look with a brush or a full coverage with a sponge. It has a matte finish while still keeping you hydrated. It's also great over or liquid foundation.

Second Is EMANI's Hydro Wear 12 Hour Foundation. This is our amazing liquid foundation. It goes on so smooth and stays where you put it. If your looking for a little skin plumping this one is for you. As with all EMANI products it nourishes your skin but packs a punch with the addition of Hyaluronic Acid. Hyaluronic Acid holds 1000 times it weight in moisture, which give skin an ultra smooth look.

Last but not least is our Perfecting Crushed Foundation. While this looks like other loose foundations EMANI's is unique because it is made up of only three ingredients. This leave your skin happy and healthy with smaller looking pores and a natural glow. As with our other foundations it has buildable coverage so you can look natural or runway ready.

Other high lights in EMANI are the highly pigmented loose and pressed shadow, the HD Concealers, super smooth lip sticks and matte and shimmery blushes. My fave though is the Powder to Cream Transformer. Why, you ask? I like ease and versatility. After applying my Perfect 10 Primer Serum and Perfecting Crushed Foundation  I can pick my favorite neutral blush or shadow color, put it o my eyes, dust some on my cheek and then mix it with the Powder to Cream Transformer for a stunning lip color and VOILA I have the perfect look for my day!

I' like to invite you to call and come in for a makeup consultation with one of our fabulous make artists. Let them help you find the look that enhances you beauty. (541)928-8306

by Tiffany on June 3rd, 2013

We get a lot of questions about Bikini and Brazilian Waxing. I thought it would be good to give you some waxing information before you call in to schedule an appointment for this slightly nerve wrecking appointment :-)
First, we use two types of wax. The first is a low temperature wax that is removed with a cotton strip. This type of wax can be used over the same area in case there is multiple hair growth patterns. It also is the wax that really gets in there and gets the job done. The other wax is a low temperature hard wax. This is what we use some times in the areas of skin that are "looser" like in the labial folds. This wax can also be used over the same areas in the same waxing service due to its low temperature.

Second, we wear gloves…it’s not you, it’s us.  No, seriously, gloves are the best way to protect you as well as ourselves. So it’s not that we’re grossed out by what we do, we just care.

Last but not least. Hair grows in different may not all come out with you first trip in. That being said if you have any questions please feel free to ask the service provider.

We have come up with what we think is a comprehensive explanation of Bikini vs. Brazilian waxing and the styles with each type of waxing. For scheduling we break these into two service types Bikini Wax or Brazilian Wax, however, when you come in for a wax you can tell your service provider the "style" of waxing you would like.

Bikini Wax

Regular Bikini Wax:

A Regular Bikini Wax removes the hair outside of your panty line.
When to choose: If it is your first bikini wax, or you are just looking to have no hair show from outside of your panties.

Full Bikini Wax:
A Full Bikini Wax takes the sides of the bikini line deeper than a regular bikini wax. It can also include waxing some hair below the top of the panty line to make a more defined “triangle” area.
When to choose: If you still want to keep hair, but want more definition than clean-up.

Brazilian Waxing

French Brazilian:
A French Brazilian Wax takes all hair off in the front except a small strip. It does not take off any hair from the back.
When to choose: If you want the area basically bare and you do not want any off the back.

A Brazilian Wax takes all hair off in the front except a small strip or triangle and it goes all of the way back (yes to your bum). 
When to choose: This is the perfect option if you wear a thong, or want to be mostly hairless in front and smooth in the back.

Where a Brazilian may leave you with some hair left, a Hollywood removes all of it.  The bottom line, you won’t have any hair from the front to the back or from the left to the right.
When to choose: You would choose this if you want to be a smooth as a babies bum and want absolutely no hair in the front, in-between or in the back. I would not recommend this for a first time Brazilian Wax.

Always remember, you’re in control of your service.  Please tell the service provider your preferences of where and how much hair you want removed or left.  They can adjust the style to make it your own.

by Tiffany on February 18th, 2013

We have a super fun opportunity this month! We will be hosting the Blush Beauty Bar at the Luxe Bridal Event in Eugene, OR on the 28th of this month. What's even better is that we get free ticket for our brides and their peeps:) It looks as if it is going to be unlike any bridal show I have been to. They boast the top names in the bridal industry in a fun relaxed lounge type atmosphere. We hope you can join us for a Thursday evening full of fun. Check out their web site

by Tiffany on February 18th, 2013

I can not even begin to tell you how many gift cards I have gotten over the years:) I'm sure that I'm not the only one who has lost several of them only to find them after they are expired or, as I recently discovered, the business no longer exists (thank you to an un-named book store)! Recently, I found these treasures in an envelope that I had set aside so I would "remember" to use them...epic failure! But, it got me thinking about salon gift certificates.

Clients have told me how they have gift certificates to other salons that they feel as if they may never use. Some clients, like me lose them only to find they have expired when they reemerge from their hiding spot. I kept asking myself how can Blush give these cards some usefulness? I asked my staff this question this week and we came up with what we thought is a GREAT idea!

From now until May 1st we want to put those relaxation dollars to work. Bring in your gift certificates from any salon and we will honor 25% of its value. We just ask that you pay for half of your total ticket and use this credit to pay the other half of your total ticket. We can't wait to see you!

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